Q. Can I wash my Shoozies?

A. The official advice is ‘Just wipe them with a soft cloth’. Leather and washing machines don’t mix. But, these are babies we are dealing with here. The shoes may well end up covered with sick or Bolognese or worse! Older babies may even be tramping around outside in them. As a last resort I personally have put my Shoozies through a low temp wash – it was either that or bin the shoes – and they came up fine, they just lost their softness.

Q. Do the sizes really fit the age group?

A. The smaller sizes (0-6 months and 6-12 months) really do fit the age group well. However customers are sometimes surprised at the size of the 12-18 month shoes – they do seem a little large at first. In reality the 6-12 month shoes will fit a baby usually until they are about 13 months old and the 12-18 month shoes will seem a little large on a 12 month old baby.

Q. When should I buy hard soled shoes for my baby?

A. When babies are learning to walk they grip with their toes. If you have a baby who is not yet walking, take a close look at her soles and toes. You will probably see that the toes are closely curled up ready to grip. Good quality shoe shops recommend therefore that you continue to use soft soled baby shoes or bare feet while your baby crawls, cruises around the furniture and walks holding hands. Let your baby walk around outside in soft leather baby shoes; they will get a little dirty perhaps and a little more worn but this is still the best way for them to learn to walk. Only buy hard-soled shoes for your baby once he has been walking unaided for at least two weeks. Of course you will still need your Shoozies after then for inside the house and soft play areas!